This piece is a very special one for many reasons – it was the first piece commissioned by someone I didn’t know personally, it was her gift to her husband for their 15 year anniversary, and it’s also the largest one I’ve created yet. When she contacted me, she mentioned she wanted a family portrait and that she was interested in including her husband’s restored 1967 Chevy Impala. She also shared a lovely story of how her husband restored her first car, a 1964 VW Bug, as an anniversary and birthday gift to her. I knew I had to include both their restored cars since it’s a love they both share and I couldn’t think of a better way to portray them with their cars than having them about to race each other with their children ready to start off the race. As much fun as this piece was to create, nothing could beat the reactions I received when I handed it over to her entire family – the excitement and tears in her eyes, her husband’s surprise, and hearing her daughter exclaim, “is that me?!” just made my heart melt. Thank you so much for the opportunity to create this piece for your special day!!